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Comforts of Home Midwifery - Payment Options

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting private insurance.
Private Insurance Coverage

Many private insurance companies pay Licensed Certified Professional Midwives. But not all companies are entirely familiar with midwifery care and state licensure. So they may initially say “no” to coverage out of their ignorance of Texas state laws. However, after they have been given the appropriate information, most (but not all) will agree to pay. We bill through an insurance biller to ensure that we get the maximum amount applied to your account possible. The forms to submit to verify your insurance coverage on your policy are found at SLB Billing

Tricare (Military) - At this time, Tricare does not cover CPMs. However if you have Tricare coverage, please ask us about our military discount.

Self–Pay or Cash–Pay Plans

We offer an extra discount to all of our repeat clients. We also offer a discount to anyone who is transfers care from another provider when they have their records concerning the current pregnancy transferred to us. Some of these discounts may even be combined.


Plan A - Cash Pay Plan

$3500.00 – This fee applies if you come to either our Sanger, TX or Ardmore, OK office locations for your prenatal care. 

                    A $500 discount is applied if you are paid in full by 32 weeks gestation.

Plan B - Insurance Pay Plan

Contact us for more details.

Hotel Expenses For The Midwives – If you live more than 75 miles from our office, we may require that you find a hotel near your home and set aside money for a room for our personal use. If the distance to your house hinders us from taking a break at home during a long early labor (as we would if you lived in town), or if we are too exhausted to safely travel on the road after a long birth, we may choose to stay in the hotel. If it turns out that we do not need the hotel room, the money of course is yours to keep. Please discuss specific arrangements with us prior to your birth if you live more than 75 miles away.

Plan C (Medicaid/Sooner Care & Military Discount)

$2500.00 – (see below) – If you have proof of Medicaid or can prove financial hardship you may be eligible for a discount. Instead of the usual $500 deposit, you will only be required to pay a $300 deposit.

$2500 pays your global fee – This fee is paid to the primary supervising midwife and must be paid by 32 weeks gestation

Refunds - Refunds are only issued due to medical reasons.  They are not available after 32 weeks gestation.  Refunds take 90 days to process.

Medicaid - Medicaid does not pay the fees of homebirth Midwives in Texas. However, if you are using a midwife, Medicaid will still cover any lab work and sonograms that are done while you are under the midwife's care. They will also cover you and your baby for any other medical needs should they become necessary. So if you need to see a doctor at any time while you are under the midwife's care, or if there is a transport to the hospital, Medicaid will cover these additional expenses.

Credit Card Payments

We are able to accept credit card payments through PayPal using the link from the bottom of this page or through Square at the time of your visit. Partial or full payments may be made using this method. However, we do charge a small 3.1% one-time fee to cover what Paypal charges us for this service. (We are charged because we have a commercial account with them.)




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