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Comforts of Home Midwifery - Services

The Comfort of Home Midwifery offers a wide arrangement of services to help you in your pregnancy. Listed below are a few services that may guide you in the correct decision when looking for a midwife.

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Prenatal visit every four weeks through the 27th week
  • From the 28th to the 36th week, prenatal visit every 2 weeks
  • From the 36th week and on, prenatal visit at least once a week until birth
  • Postpartum care which includes a home visit on Day 1, Day 5, 2 weeks and 6 weeks. Phone consultation is provided at no additional charge as needed.
  • Normal newborn care is included in the above visits as well.
What to Expect at Your Appointment
  • Initial visit includes the filling out of client registration forms, client history, etc., blood draw.
  • This visit and all other prenatals will include testing your urine for protein, sugar, ketones, and nitrates.  I check weight, all vital signs, check for signs of complications.
  • I also check for uterine growth, fetal heart tones, and position.  Any questions or concerns that you might have are addressed.
  • At the 28th week, I check hemoglobin and provide blood sugar and Rh sensitivity testing as needed.
  • At 37 weeks, I will be officially on call for your birth.  We will go over the items in your birth kit and other birth preparations.  This is a great time to include family and friends that will be attending your birth.
  • After the birth, you are provided with plenty of bonding time with your baby, including time initiating breastfeeding. A full newborn exam is done afterwards.
  • All postpartum and newborn exams include checking to make sure that mom and baby remain healthy.  This includes checking the drying out of the cord, checking for jaundice, whether the baby is eating and growing properly.  I also provide newborn screenings for metabolic disorders at the day 1 visit and 2 week visit.  I also check the mother's well being by checking how breastfeeding is going, level of bleeding, etc.
  • A pap smear is done at 12 weeks postpartum if desired.
Doula and Montrice Services

Are you committed to a natural childbirth?  Are you wanting to birth in a hospital?  Comforts of Home Midwifery is offering doula and montrice services.

  • At least 2 prenatal visits to discuss wishes, fears and concerns for the birth of your baby. 
Explore comfort measures & labor support techniques as well as the role you wish me to play.
 Assistance with your birth plan is given. 
You have full access to my childbirth library books and videos. 
24-hour on call beginning 2 weeks before your estimated due date. 
Continuous labor support as soon as the mother wishes.

During Labor:

  • I will join you when you feel the need for extra support. 
Answer questions, offer encouragement and support with your labor.
 Offer relaxation tips, massage, position changes, hot or cold packs, water therapy, birthing ball, rocking, swaying, breathing, music or visualization techniques. 
I will make sure your partner's needs are met.


  • I will stay with you in the time immediately following your baby's birth, offer
 assistance with breastfeeding, and make sure other non-medical needs are met.
 1-2 postpartum follow-up visits are included to review your birth experience, answer any questions and provide additional newborn care and breastfeeding advice.


  • I can provide you with montrice services in your home but not at the hospital. Montrice services are outside the scope and practice of a labor doula and include taking maternal vitals, assessing fetal heart tones and cervical dilation exams. These can be helpful if you are wishing to stay at home for the better part of your labor but want to be sure to make it to the hospital on time for your birth. Montrice services are not for medical treatment, but only to assess your progress in labor.
Placenta Services

The placenta can continue to nourish Mom and Baby through times of transition throughout the entire lifespan. There is no other medicine created by your body, made specifically for you or your child. Ingesting one's placenta comes with many benefits. Benefits of placentophagy are supported by ongoing research but have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Benefits include and are not limited to:

  • promotes smooth transition through postpartum recovery period
  • less postpartum bleeding
  • fewer after pains
  • increased energy
  • increased milk production
  • decrease in postpartum depression & “baby blues”
  • increase in iron
  • hormonal support
  • helps regulate sleep

Raw Encapsulated:

Gently rinsed and sliced into paper thin slices the placenta is dried in a dehydrator for many hours, ground into a fine powder and put into individual capsules. Capsules can be frozen and last for many years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Capsules:

The placenta is gently rinsed, and steamed with or without herbs and prepared in the same respectful manner as the raw process. The TCM method is said to bring a warmth back to the mother.

Placenta Tincture:

A small piece of the placenta is selected and added to a high grade, distilled alcohol and left for many weeks to macerate. This process elongates the life and benefits of the placenta for mother and child. Can be used as a homeopathic through times of transition, trauma, menses and menopause.

Placenta Prints:

A beautiful keepsake to be framed or tucked away with the story of your birth.


For more info on our placenta services, visit our sister site.

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