Testimonial Tuesday
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Testimonial Tuesday – from another midwife’s client

Ever wonder what people are saying about Mercy and Comforts of Home Midwifery.  We are introducing a feature called Testimonial Tuesday.  Once a month, we will add a testimonial from women (or their husbands!), so you can see what other have to say about our services. Also you can find out more by going to …

The ABCs of Pain Relief during labor
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The ABCs of Pain Relief During Labor

This post is based on a graphic that Birth Arts International posted called A-Z Pain Relief in Labor. A. Aromatherapy Essential oils used properly can be helpful for a number of things during labor.  In the book Essential Oil for Maternity by AromaTools, lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, basil and the doTerra specific oils Balance …

How to Afford a Midwife
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16 Ways to Afford a Midwife

Many people when considering having a home birth are worried about the cost.  If you are a cash pay client, many midwives charge far less than what you would pay in a hospital.  With the rising costs of insurances, co-pays, and deductibles, my fee is frequently less than what many people would have to pay …

My Birthy Amazon Wish List
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My Birthy Amazon Wish List

When I first heard about Amazon, it was mostly being used as a way for people to buy slightly used textbooks at huge discounts compared to the prices that college bookstores were offering them at.  When my sister helped me shop for the textbooks needed for midwifery school, Amazon was probably the place that we …