Review from a student midwife

Testimonial Tuesday from a student midwife

Testimonial Tuesday

Ever wonder what people are saying about Mercy and Comforts of Home Midwifery.  We are introducing a feature called Testimonial Tuesday.  Once a month, we will add a testimonial from women (or their husbands!), so you can see what other have to say about our services. Also you can find out more by going to our Birth Stories page.  All the stories were written by former clients.  – Mercy


I studied under Mercy as a senior apprentice and I was incredibly pleased with her mentorship.  Mercy practices midwifery in a way that I thrive under. She is vigilant with her practice, but seems very laid-back and non-medical.  She also isn’t threatened by students, so I was able to present knowledge I had that she may have been unfamiliar with and also earned her trust to lead situations as primary under her guidance. She offered a lot of support and positive feedback without criticism and while acknowledging differences in practice between herself and my future midwifery practice that allowed her to be humble and respectful while still teaching and allowed me to thrive in an environment where I was free to respectfully disagree.  I dearly wish I had been so lucky in some other apprenticeships, but the relationship that I cultivated with Mercy extends to still wanting to work with her as a midwife now.  Her big heart and tolerance of circumstances means I treasure her dearly and I believe students she accepts are lucky to be able to experience her training!

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Mercy Eizenga LM, CPM

Mercy Eizenga LM, CPM is the head midwife and owner of Comforts of Home Midwifery. Mercy was first exposed to homebirth when she witnessed the birth of her little brother at the age of 7. Her interest in natural childbirth grew with the birth of her first child and then attending Bradley Natural Childbirth classes with a friend a year and a half later. Attending her first birth as a doula verified that she was called to be a midwife. Mercy attended the Association of Texas Midwives Training Program and completed an apprenticeship with what is now the Corpus Christi Birth Center. She holds Texas and Louisiana state licenses and holds her Certified Professional Midwife with the North American Registry of Midwives.

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